Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Australia/Denmark: I Need You Now - Released

Even though "Release Me" "only" peaked at #26 on the Australian single chart, it has almost sold 30.000 copies there! Now it´s time for the follow-up, which is the same as in the UK; "I Need You Now". But in Australia they are releasing the Cahill Radio Edit. It were released on 25th December on Australian Itunes. It´s right now at #56 on Itunes, whilst "Release Me" is still hanging around, at #79 for the moment.

The single edit (3:44) released in Sweden has also just been released in Denmark as the 3rd single on the 21st December, aviable to download on Itunes Denmark. "Release Me" was a major hit in Denmark selling over 25.000 copies giving it a gold certification. The 2nd single "On And On" wasn´t as huge of a success, but manged to peak at #16 on the single chart. "I Need You Now" is right now at #64 on Itunes in Denmark.

As we all know by now, "I Need You Now" didn´t become the hit we wanted it to be in the UK. But still it managed to sell over 12.000 copies. It´s yet to be seen how it´ll do in Australia & Denmark.


  1. do u know when the us will be getting i need u now on itunes?

  2. Hey! Nope, no idea. I´m not sure that I Need You Now will be released as a single in the US either..
    For now they are focusing on promoting Release Me, Agnes is going to the US next month to do lots of promo.