Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Release Me - New cover

For the US release, "Release Me" has got a brand new cover! What do you think, pretty nice isn´t it? Even though i don´t get why they have to do a new cover, in my opinion this one might be even nicer than the original cover.
"Release Me"
has without a doubt been the big hit of the summer in the Europe. Now it´s time for 3 more countries in Europe and of course the US. Releasedate in Switzerland, Austria & Germany is 14th August (Download) and 21st August (CD-Single).
And in the US, it will be released as soon as 18th August!

US Tracklist:
1. Release Me (Main Radio Mix) (3:53)
2. Release Me (Short Length Edit) (3:07)
3. Release Me (Instrumental Version) (4:13)
4. Release Me (A Cappella) (4:14)

German Tracklist:
1 Release Me (Radio Version) (3:05)
2 Release Me (Acoustic Version) (4:13)
3 Release Me (Extended Version) (6:02)
4 Release Me (LA Rush Club Remix) (6:35)
5 Release Me (Kill Phil Remix) (5:15)
6 Release Me [Moguai Remix] (8:04)
7 Release Me (Dirty Disco Youth Remix) (4:30)
8 Release Me (Video) (4:11)


  1. i love the new cover and like you said that this cover is ever better than the original one.
    i think it is nice thay chose this one and have a special cover on the us release which many big stars now have more than one single cover on their singles...
    love the pic!

  2. The US tracklist is for the promo single, sadly the official US commercial release only has the radio edit on it :( Sucks, because I would love to hear the instrumental and a cappella.

  3. Didrick: Okay i see, it maybe will feature more on the CDsingle release? If there´s one..